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02 Dec Vehicle Safety Checks at BestDrive
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Make sure to get to your nearest BestDrive tyre fitment centre where one of our professional and friendly tyre dealers will assist you in getting your vehicle safety-checked before you embark on your next journey, to ensure a trouble free and safer t..
02 Dec Tyre Repairs and Tyre Fitment Services
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As with any automotive fitment, tyre fitment and tyre repair cannot be taken lightly and the utmost care must be taken to ensure safety and effectiveness.BestDrive fitment centres use quality materials and the recommended repair procedures so that, w..
02 Dec 10 golden rules to staying on-track when you go off-road.
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 Happy off-roading. With these tips, you could enjoy the journey even more than the destination.    Standard tyres are not suited for gravel roads. The lower the profile of your tyres, the less appropriate they are for off-road. Check in at your clos..
02 Dec Correct Tyre Pressure
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If you’re unsure, bring your vehicle to one of our BestDrive tyre fitment centres where we can assist you and ensure that you learn and know your correct tyre pressure.The pressures are almost always indicated in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, and in ..
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