As with any automotive fitment, tyre fitment and tyre repair cannot be taken lightly and the utmost care must be taken to ensure safety and effectiveness.

BestDrive fitment centres use quality materials and the recommended repair procedures so that, where possible, damaged tyres can be successfully returned to the road and deliver far greater driving distance.

Common causes of tyre damage
•    Overloading is a common cause of tyre damage due to it causing a heat build-up and eventually resulting in tyre failure. To prevent this from occurring always check your tyres load index and stay within the manufacturers loading recommendations.
•    Road hazards such as potholes, rocks, nails and glass can cause a puncture or sidewall damage to your vehicle's tyres, especially if you hit these objects at a high speed.
•    Driving with over-inflated tyres is a common cause of damage as it causes excessive tyre pressure which may result in distorted tread wear and can reduce contact with the road and increase wear in the center of the tread.
•    Under-inflated tyres are a more common and serious problem as it increases a tyre’s rolling resistance, therefore, making you use more fuel. Under-inflated tyres also make a tyre run hot therefore the increased flexing of the sidewalls increases the temperature of the tyre, which increases the risk of a tyre blowout.
At a BestDrive tyre fitment centre, you can find a comprehensive range of tyre fitment and tyre repair services.