Make sure to get to your nearest BestDrive tyre fitment centre where one of our professional and friendly tyre dealers will assist you in getting your vehicle safety-checked before you embark on your next journey, to ensure a trouble free and safer trip.
Regular vehicle safety checks are a quick and effective way to identify potentially dangerous issues or defects before they cause potentially fatal problems on the road and put you and your family at risk.

The BestDrive all-round safety check involves a rigorous inspection of your vehicle and its roadworthiness. These checks cover, not only the state of your tyres’ pressure and tread depth, but also check the status of your shocks, brake fluid, brake pads and discs, battery as well as the condition of both the exhaust and wiper blades.

It is for this reason that BestDrive tyre fitment centres offer all-round vehicle safety checks to ensure that any potential hazards are identified and attended to, in order to safeguard your vehicle against any and all road conditions.
With the increase of motorists on the road and drivers embarking on more frequent and longer trips, they are unaware of the maintenance requirements placed on their vehicle. This results in many vehicle owners driving unsafe vehicles and therefore placing their families and themselves at a risk of an unnecessary accident on the road.

Booking your vehicle in for a BestDrive vehicle safety check is essential and should be on your checklist along with your accommodation and route planner, as it is just as important.

Keeping your vehicle in peak operating condition is the best way to ensure your safety on the road, especially before embarking on long business trips or family holidays.