Happy off-roading. With these tips, you could enjoy the journey even more than the destination.

    Standard tyres are not suited for gravel roads. The lower the profile of your tyres, the less appropriate they are for off-road. Check in at your closest BestDrive to take advantage of the All-Terrain Tyre Sale.
    Rain is not your friend. Rain + sand = mud. It’s easy to get stuck so check weather predictions before heading out.
    Go towards the light. As in, whenever possible, try to drive in daylight. There are a lot more animals, and of course lower visibility, at night.
    If in doubt, don’t overtake.
    Spot another vehicle? Slow down to a crawl. Spot a truck? Pull over and wait for it to pass. The dust cloud is a serious hazard.
    If you’re not travelling in a 4x4 vehicle, lower your tyre pressure by 15%. Be careful not to do this while tyres are hot though.
    Keep your eyes on the prize. The prize being the road. Gravel roads can be pitted with rocks the size of fists.
    Ease up in blind corners. You never know what’s on the other side of them.
    Don’t slam the brakes. Tokyo drifting is far less fun than it looks in the movies.
    Go slooooow. And keep your speed constant. It’s easier to navigate around unexpected obstacles (and maybe even animals) at a slow and steady pace.

Not all gravel roads are created equal, but they all do present shared challenges you’re unlikely to face on the good old (and we say this with the appropriate amount of sarcasm), highway. So take note to make the most of your trip.